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Three strategic elements
Covering everything from rapid diagnostics to appropriate treatments

1. In-house technologies

BMR has developed an immunity induction technique for improving antibody affinity, and is using technology CELIXSYS ® for ongoing expansion and enhancement of production systems for the antibody library.

2. Joint research and collaboration

Through joint research initiatives with leading research organizations around the world, BMR is helping to develop more efficient systems for major infectious diseases as well as boosting product performance and quality standards for antibody materials, with the ultimate goal of being the leading global supplier in the field.

3. Business alliances

Through a range of strategic partnerships both at home and abroad, BMR is pursuing new outlets and markets overseas and creating a consistent and reliable supply chain for antibody materials.

Technological advantagesInducing high affinity antibodies; producing library of multi-epitope, highly reactive monoclonal antibodies; developing highly reactive antibodies based on extensive technical expertise

Key technologiesStructure

  1. High affinity, highly reactive antibody induction protocols based on technical expertise and high-efficiency immunity induction technology
  2. CELIXSYS ® acquisition and analysis techniques for immuno-precipitation based multi-epitope antibody library
  3. Antibody performance evaluation technique and adaptation technology to immunoassay systems
  4. Highly skilled technicians in the field of antibodies

A tremendous advance over conventional screeningSuperiority

It is possible to amass an extensive range of antibodies capable of recognizing virtually all epitopes on the target antigen molecules, and to provide viable antibodies for high-performance in-vitro cinical diagnostic pharmaceutical supplies such as those used in rapid diagnostic test(RDT) kits. The vastly superior CELIXSYS® system provides a highly efficient means of acquiring antibodies that are beyond the reach of conventional screening techniques still in use throughout the world.

Directly scalable from laboratory to general-use applicationsScalability

BRM develops universal technologies with widespread potential for measurement applications targeting protein antigens in general clinical diagnostic settings. These are readily scalable to a variety of different target antigens through horizontal deployment.

Main business activitiesDevelopment, production and distribution of monoclonal antibody materials for rapid diagnostic kits

Innovative biotechnologyPlatform

Innovative immune induction techniques and multi-epitope antibody library acquisition system

Low environmental impact production processesProducts

Monoclonal antibody library featuring materials with the highest performance, sensitivity and specificity standards for infectious disease rapid diagnostic kits

Expand to tropical disease testingProjects

Expand to pathogenic viruses, particularly tropical infectious disease viruses and pathogens, which are a major global public health issue, as part of our commitment to promoting infectious disease diagnosis at the international level.


In vitro diagnostics: antibody materials for rapid diagnostic kits
World’s biggest library of high-performance antibody materials

Antibody reagents for pure research